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Oversized jewelry that's fashionable can be hard to find, and once found can be very expensive. Luckily for you, you've stumbled upon a gem of plus size proportions!


Women's Plus-Size Tunics, Tops 30", 32", 34", 36" Inch Long

Extra long plus-size tunics and tops are great for pairing with your favorite jeans and leggings. Also apple-shaped ladies often need to conceal a large tummy and pear-shaped women need the extra length to cover larger hips and thighs. It can be hard to find sexy and trendy extra long plus size tunics tops. While most tunic lengths stop at about 30 inches, an extra longer length tunic can add that extra comfort and flow to disguise a bigger mid-section without having to buy two sizes larger, which would be a huge mistake!

Where to shop online for extra long plus-size tunics & tops

There are very few places to shop online for longer plus-size tunics styles going from casual to very dressy.
Here are some favorite stores for women's long length plus-size tops from casual to dressy:

1) Evans
Evans Long Length Plus-Size Tops and Tunics
is one of the few sites with very flattering plus-size tops in extra longer length. They feature extra super long tunics and tops up to 36" in. Click here to browse Evans plus-size long length tunics and tops.


2) Catherines
Long Length Collection Extra-Long Tunics at Catherines!
Try their long length collection extra-long tunics in pretty prints perfect for leggings and slim pants. Click here to browse Catherines plus-size long tunics and tops.


3) Kiyonna
Kiyonna plus-size long tops

Plus size tops & curvy plus-size blouses designed by Kiyonna are part of a stylish full figure clothing line in the top of its class. If you like chic, elegant, comfortable, pretty, feminine you'll be in love with the extremly flattering sexy plus-size tops and you'll want to order them in all colors available. The full-figured tops create an incredible flattering silhouette, they're machine washable and travel-friendly! Click here to browse Kiyonna plus-size long tunics and tops


4) Blouse House
Extra long plus-size tunics and blouses at Blouse House
Blouse House
offers long length plus size sleeve tunics and blouses in solid color, extended sizes 14W-46W. (Always read measuring charts carefully for the right plus-size)
Click here to browse Blouse House plus-size long tunics and tops


5) Nordstrom
Nordstrom plus-size long tunics and tops

Nordstrom offers great deals on women's plus-size tunics and tops in very long length up to 32" in and 34" in. Click here to browse Catherines plus-size long tunics and tops.

How to choose longer plus-size tunics & tops

Have you ever wondered how to choose plus-size tunic tops? There are so many styles to choose from! Want to look fabulous? Make the most of your curves by buying the perfect tunic or top that actually fits your plus-size body shape. The right style will give the illusion of a better balanced silhouette and giving you a great boost of confidence. It will also enhance the best features of your body and you'll be able to effectively conceal other parts that you would rather not emphasize.

BODY SHAPE CALCULATOR - Measure yourself!

Plus-size long tunics & tops for plus-size apple-shaped women

An apple-shaped plus-size woman who carries her weight around the stomach will

  • Avoid clingy fabrics that will show all your lumps and bumps
  • Choose styles made of soft jersey or cotton that flow gently over a large belly and hips
  • Look for details like wide neck, deep v-neck, round neck that draw attention to her beautiful face and neckline. A deep neckline is always more flattering than high necklines.
  • Choose plus-size tunics with an A-line or empire waist, as they will give you your waist back right under your bust.
  • Avoid tunics and tops with big bright patterns as it can emphasize your larger mid-section.
  • Many apple-shaped plus-size women like to wear black or dark rich colors because it slims the silhouette. Any deep shade from charcoal grey and dark chocolate brown to rich navy blue and royal purple looks very flattering.
  • Look for slimming details like vertical lines, a long zipper etc...

Plus-size long tunics and tops for pear (also called triangle) shaped plus-size women

Narrow shoulders, wide hips and thighs and a longer torso are the main traits of the pear body shape.

How to choose plus-size tunics for the pear (triangle) body shape?

In order to reproportion the width of your shoulders with your hips, you'll need to

  • Keep the focus on your upper body
  • Visually extend your neck and shoulders by wearing scoop, bateau, sweetheart, v-necklines.
  • Accentuate the bust area with pleats, ruffles or extra details; fitted bodices and tops. Define your waist with belts, cinchers, empire silhouettes.
  • Wear interesting plus-size tunics and tops with bright, lighter colors, prints, bow ties, puffy sleeves, ruffles.
  • Wear lighter colors on your upper half body to make your shoulders appear wider.
  • Wear more structured tunics or blouses with shoulder pads and even look for styles with pockets on the chest.
  • Anything that drives the eyes up will distract the viewer from your wider hips.
  • Add some volume on your top half and create a balanced look with your hips to give the illusion of the hourglass figure. This will also draw the attention on your narrow waist.

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